Eye bags / heavy eyelids

Tired looking eyes may be caused by puffy eyelids, which have excess skin in the eyelid, due to the process of stretching of the layers of the skin. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can provide a more youthful and energetic appearence to the face. It’s also an effective way to improve sight in older people whose sagging upper eyelids get in the way of their vision. A blepharoplasty may be combined with other procedures, such as a eyelid lift or brow lift.

An eye lift will not get rid of dark circles under the eyes, crow’s feet, or other facial wrinkles.

The Eyelid Aging Process

Aging skin looses it’s elasticity. This loss of elasticity combined with the pull from gravity, causes extra skin to collect on the upper and lower eyelid.

Extra skin on the lower eyelid causes wrinkles and fat may bulge. In the upper eyelid, an extra amount of skin may overhang over the eyelid, and obstruct vision

The fat that cushions the eye from the surrounding bones, may bulge into the upper and lower eyelid. The thin layer that holds the fat back , may weaken with aging, letting fat bulge into the eyelid

Who Is a Good Candidate For Eyelid Surgery?

The best candidates for eyelid surgery are those people in good health and those who have realistic expectations.

Eyelid surgery can enhance your appearance and help build your confidence. However, it may not result in your ideal look or alter your facial structure. Before you decide to have surgery, think about your goals and discuss them with your surgeon.

How Should I Prepare for Eyelid Surgery?

You will require someone to drive you home after the procedure. You should also have someone stay with you the night of the procedure.

Expect to be at home for several days while your eyelids heal. You may experience mild eye dryness for a few weeks after surgery.

At home, you should have the following items ready:
Ice cubes
Ice pack (or you can use freezer bags filled with ice, frozen corn, or peas)
Small gauze pads
Eye drops or artificial tears
Clean washcloths and towels
Over-the-counter painkillers

What Is Recovery Like After Eyelid Surgery?

You will have stitches in your eyelids, that are removed after a week. It is normal to have swelling and some bruising, but your eyelids should look normal within a week or two

Does Medical Aid Cover Eyelid Surgery?

Medical aid companies do not cover cosmetic eyelid surgery. If you are having eyelid surgery for medical reasons ( the droopy eyelids are affecting vision) then your medical aid will cover the cost.


  1. Good day
    I ‘m situated in Klerksdorp North West, I really want this procedure done, but know I have to do a consult before hand
    I WANT TO DO TOP AND BOTTOM lid can you maybe just let me know what it will +- cost

  2. good day…. I ws reading up on eyelid surgery and its something I would consider.. as the medical aid doesn’t cover the procedure, I wish to find out how much it would cost and if the procedure has guaranteed results. also, would you need to go back again and again

    1. Hi. We can assist with this problem. Some medical aids will cover the cost. There is no guarantee .To book a appointment contact us on 011 326 5926

  3. Hi
    I have Ptosis affecting my left eyelid. I would like to enquire what the cost of surgery is (including appointments) and how many days off I need from work, so that I may book an appointment.

    1. Hi. We can assist with this problem. Cost depends on the severity and type of a aesthetic. You usually require a week off work. To book a appointment contact us on 011 326 5926

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