Retinal Detachment

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A retinal detachment is a condition that causes the thin retinal layer at the back of the eye to elevate and become displaced from it normal anatomical position. There are many causes for a retinal detachment. These include holes in the retina, diabetes and trauma to the eye.

Symptoms of a retinal detachment include :

1) flashers of light which are generated inside the eye.

2) visualization of objects floating in the eye ( floaters)

3) diminishing vision or decrease in the visual field

A retinal detachment is a emergency and requires urgent treatment. The treatment of a retinal detachment is surgical intervention. Prompt treatment has a greater chance of restoring the vision.

Retinal detachments are more prone to people who are short sighted. This is due to a stretching effect on the retinal tissue which lies at the back of the eye. People who had recent eye injuries are also at risk of a retinal detachment.

A retinal detachment is a emergency and help should be sought immediately